This weekend,

I went to King’s Island with Dalton’s family, and it was really fun. I bonded with his family and got to know them a lot more. I absolutely love them, and I can see myself being with Dalton for a really long time. We stayed in this nice hotel, and I got drunk with his cousins. It was good time. Hahaha. I’m glad to be home now though.


Today is the four year anniversary of your passing. I went and looked for your gravestone today, but I couldn’t find it. Both Dalt and your mom gave me instructions on how to get to it, but I just couldn’t find it for the life of me. Tomorrow I’m going to go right after school to see if I can find it. I felt you with me in the cemetery tonight. Plus, I was speaking aloud to you trying to find you, and I was just really comfortable and not scared like I usually am in graveyards. I type this out as if I knew you. I wish I did. Can’t wait to meet you. ♥ Rest in peace. 

For Patrick.

I’ve never met you, but I have heard so many wonderful things about you from your brother. I’m honestly trying my best to take care of him which I know you would want. I know Dalton was your best friend as you were to him. You’re a sensitive subject to him, but I try to get him to talk about you. I mean, you are brothers. I feel you watching me, especially when I’m with Dalton. I know you want nothing but the best for him, and I know you want him to get his life on track which I’m helping him do. I live every day knowing you are watching me, and I’m doing my best for your brother. I always ask Dalt if you would like me if you met me. He always says you would. I hope you do. I can’t wait to meet you some day. Rest in peace, Pat. ♥ 8.22.08

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nikes on my feet keep my cypher complete.
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I was taking pictures with my dog….

It’s funny how the few times I’ve gone out drinking, you bitch to everyone about how you worry about me, and feel like I’m going down the wrong path. (Which I’m not, btw.) Yet, it’s okay for you to go out and do the same shit I do like every other night. You’re a hypocrite. 

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hi. :)
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I haven’t been this happy in such a long time. I love this boy.
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Guys, guys. Guess what.

I have a new boyfriend. :)

When my coworkers from JayC talk about me, they call me part of the “JayC fam”. I kind of feel loved. Even if I do hate half the people there.

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My best friend is the best because she hauls me around when I’m drunk.
Today is a new day.

It’s summer. It’s sunny. I’m going to Evansville with my best friend, and I’m wearing a coral shirt. Today is beautiful.

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